Let's draw Kim Jong-Un

posted on 18 Feb 2016 01:06 by minamits

Let's draw Kim Family toghether. I will begin with Kim Jong-Un.

1. Draw an oval this is his head.

2. Draw 2 curves from his head. This is his body. You can make him as fat or as thin as you want. Make a line connect between 2 lines.

3. Draw a line in the middle of his body and draw 'T' in the middle of his lower body.

4. Draw another curves from his head to his waist. Then, draw arcs as his hands.

5. Design his hair and his shoes and draw it!

6. Draw his ears and his face.

Now, we finish drawing Kim Jong-Un!


You may draw Kim Jong il and Kin il Sung.



You can draw another female Kim. Females seem thinner.



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